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Say Hi to PicUp

We are the on-demand junk removal and goods movement app. Whether you’ve got junk in the backyard, or your business needs to clear the clutter, PicUp can get rid of your unwanted stuff. Take a pic and we’ll pick it up when it suits you. Similarly, you want something moved from a-b? We’ll sort it for you. Download the app, take a pic, book a job and we will do the rest. It’s that easy.

What We Value

PicUp is a forward thinking company that values the share economy, the environment and providing opportunity. We hand pick friendly and reliable haulers who use their own utes and take pride in our service. At PicUp, we believe that waste doesn’t always have to add to landfill, so we’re keen to recycle and make those old goods feel new again. Honesty is another virtue that underpins what we do, we provide upfront pricing estimates and real time tracking of your goods, making the PicUp process fully transparent.

Where We Came From

The PicUp story began with three mates from three completely different industries, all identifying a common need – faster, more efficient and cost effective delivery services for bulky goods. We saw the need and we jumped on it. Now we believe we have something that sets us apart from the rest, we’re fast, convenient and affordable. And we’re in it for the long haul. Currently serving the Gold Coast where we were born and bred, we hope to be expanding to your city soon.

We Care

Currently, PicUp is working with charitable organisations in order to promote the delivery of your unwanted stuff to those in need. You can choose your favourite charity and have your furniture, clothes or appliances delivered straight there by choosing it as your point B location within the app. Why not give back? It feels rewarding knowing that you have helped someone less fortunate.

The Environment.

Our friendly haulers sort junk and waste loads by hand to ensure that recyclables don't end up in landfill where possible. We understand waste's impact on the environment, so we're committed to sustainable practices. Our haulers use their own transportation, allowing us to reduce emissions and improve our ecological footprint. So when you book a job through PicUp, you know your junk and waste will be disposed of responsibly and ethically.

PicUp recently became a member of My Greener Planet by buying interest in a solar farm and CleanGreenEnergy. As a result,  we now offset 3,300 KWhs of electricity and save 3,300 kgs of Greenhouse Gas emissions each month. This is a massive step we have achieved in our carbon-neutral journey. See our My Greener Planet Certification HERE!

To enhance our sustainability mission, we have some exciting partnerships in the pipeline, specifically in the circular economy space, intending to continue reducing the number of items going to landfill. Watch this space!

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We can get rid of or move anything that one or two people can safely lift and fits into the back of a Ute or Van.

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