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How Much Do Removalists Cost - and How Can You SAVE?

How Much Do Removalists Cost - and How Can You SAVE?

Moving furniture or waste can be a hard and difficult task no matter how small the load or delivery distance. Finding out how much removalists cost can vary depending on who your removalist is, how much stuff you are moving, and the distance you need to travel. 

When picking removalists, going with the cheap option can be tempting, but you also need to consider the experience and reliability of your options. That being said, you don’t need to choose a removalist that breaks the bank. Finding the right option for you may require some research, but rest assured you will eventually find the best option available for you. 

Traditional Removalists

Traditional removalists are the first thought for most people when moving furniture, however, the cost can be large depending on who you hire. Traditional removalists usually charge by the hour. These rates can vary, but most traditional removalists cost anywhere between $100 to $300 AUD an hour. The rate of these removalists depends on a number of factors, including how many removalists a job requires, how large a job is, and how far they will need to travel to the desired destination. Additionally, how difficult a job is may increase how much a removalist costs. For example, an upstairs apartment might cost extra due to the added effort of moving furniture to or from the premises. 

With the hourly charge, the costs of traditional removalists can quickly add up. The end price is difficult to estimate without a quote, but most moves will cost at least a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. 


The funniest, yet most unreliable removalists are your mates. The beers-for-mates removalists cost exactly as the name suggests; a carton of beer at most. This can be extremely beneficial for someone wanting a cheap move that won’t dip into their savings. 

The downside of bears-for-mates comes with other cost factors adding up, such as needing to hire a trailer or ute. Alternatively, your friends may be inexperienced removalists and accidentally damage your house/apartment, or potentially injure themselves by lifting heavy furniture inappropriately. Be sure to keep in mind safety factors if you are relying on your friends to help move your things. Without experience, horrible things can happen, costing you more in the long run. 


PicUp offers the perfect removalist solution as the easy-to-use alternative that’s also an affordable option. We offer an on-demand service that connects you to a fleet of haulers with utes and vans ready to remove your junk or transport your goods. We are ready and able to move anything that will fit into a normal ute or large van. 

PicUp charges by how many haulers you need and how much your load weighs. All you need to do is download the app, take a picture of what you need moving, and book a time and date that works for you. We do the rest. It’s that easy! Be sure to check out our hauler rates below:

PicUp & Delivery

  • 1 Hauler- $1.40 per minute
  • 2 Haulers- $2.80 per minute

Waste & Junk Removal

  • 1 Hauler- $1.40 per minute + tip fees
  • 2 Haulers $2.80 per minute + tip fees

For more information on PicUp’s pricing, please click this link.

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We can get rid of or move anything that one or two people can safely lift and fits into the back of a Ute or Van.

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