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What is MOVING INSURANCE and should you get it for your move?

What is MOVING INSURANCE and should you get it for your move?

When faced with the stress of packing for a big move, the need to get transit insurance can often go ignored. However, protecting your valuable possessions is extremely important. Moving insurance (or goods transit insurance) is designed to protect your valuable goods and furniture if loss or damage occurs when they are being transported.

This is extremely important for high-value items such as art, technology and furniture. Without moving insurance, if any damage befalls these possessions, then they are not covered and will need to be paid out-of-pocket to fix or replace.

While not every trip will need moving insurance, any move transporting high-quality items should be insured. This will help provide peace-of-mind and cover any accidents caused by rough transportation or mishandling.

What is MOVING INSURANCE and should you get it for your move?

How much does moving insurance cost?

The cost of moving insurance will vary depending on what and how much you are insuring. Who your insurer is also plays a part in how much you will pay. You can get insured with any of the following:

  • Insurance providers
  • Removalist companies 
  • Specialised moving insurers

What is and isn’t covered with moving insurance?

It is extremely important to check what your insurer covers when you buy moving insurance. Commonly, most insurers cover loss or damage to items during the packing, transit, and unpacking period. Some will also cover incorrect storage costs.

It is important to check though, as some insurers may choose not to cover certain items, particularly ones that are extremely high-priced, with basic transit insurance coverage. For example, valuable artworks may not be covered in a basic moving insurance policy.

What is MOVING INSURANCE and should you get it for your move?

What items should you insure?

Moving houses can quickly become overwhelming. Expensive furniture, technology and other items are all at risk of being damaged during transit. Making sure your insurance covers high-value items is the entire point of moving insurance but it may not be as easy as going with the cheapest insurer you can find.  

Televisions, artwork and antiques are all things you need to make sure are insured. However, they may not all be covered in every policy. This is because they are high risk items that can be easily damaged.

Getting insurance that works for your needs is vital. Depending on your removalist, they may already have insurance, which is why it is important you double check what is covered so you can have peace of mind when transporting your valuables.

What makes PicUp different?

When you order with PicUp, you are covered with our public liability insurance and marine transit insurance policies. You are also covered by the care that our haulers take with your goods.

With PicUp’s two insurance policies, you are insured against accidental damage, or damage caused by negligence to all goods being moved during your booking. Our amount covered is $20,000 AUD per conveyance with marine cargo & transit insurance and  $10,000,000 AUD with our public liability insurance policy.

In addition, making a claim is easy with PicUp. If you wish to make a claim, just contact PicUp customer support at info@picup.com.au or on 1300 174 287. Just remember that all claims have to be made within 7 days of the event taking place.

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