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Who are the REAL best removalists in Brisbane?

Who are the REAL best removalists in Brisbane?

Have you ever wondered who the best removalists in Brisbane are? OR have you ever booked a removalist with good reviews, only to have them disappoint? There are many overlooked qualities a good removalist in Brisbane should have. The standard for removalists can start and end with delivering items to the chosen destination, but there is more to it than that.

From their insurance policy to their customer service etiquette, ensuring your removalist is top quality is a difficult task. Many people just choose to go with the removalist that’s available when they need them, but this can lead to poor service and damaged items. Booking a removalist requires some level of research.

Who are the REAL best removalists in Brisbane

There are two major qualities of a great Brisbane removalist. First, they ensure care is taken with your items. Knowing a removalist is careful with your items to prevent unnecessary damage is vital. Next is punctuality. There’s nothing worse than having a removalist show up late, or completely cancel a job. This leads to unneeded waiting and trouble in what can already be a highly stressful time. 

Other qualities of great removalists in Brisbane include:

  • Excellent customer service
  • A skilled team 
  • Brand credibility
  • Good insurance policies
  • And the ability to move what you need moved

Checking credentials and policies

All removalists in Australia should have a solid insurance policy. A good removalist will have their own insurance policy to ensure the goods they are transporting are covered in case any loss or damage occurs. Without an insurance policy, any loss or damage falls to the customer to cover, which is expensive and disheartening. 

With PicUp, all haulers carry public liability insurance and goods transit insurance, meaning your goods are covered in the event of any accidents. In addition, your items are covered by the care each of our haulers takes when handling your goods. As a business that focuses on handling small moves, you can trust us to deliver each of your items to your required destination safely.

Who are the REAL best removalists in Brisbane

Check what the removalist does

When getting a removalist in Brisbane, many assume they will pick up and move whatever they need taken. However, checking is always best to ensure you and the removalists are on the same page in regards to rates for the move. The best removalist will be transparent in what they will and won't move. 

PicUp is the perfect alternative to a big removalist if you are making a small move. Instead of having to pay the rates of a big Brisbane removalist, if your items can be handled by two haulers and can fit in the back of a Van or Ute, PicUp is a fantastic option. We help with single bedroom moves such as couches, beds, bedside tables, appliances, or Facebook Marketplace purchases such as washing machines or refrigerators. 

PicUp operates all across the South Eastern Queensland region and Northern Rivers NSW, and is ready to help with any small moves you need help with. 

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We can get rid of or move anything that one or two people can safely lift and fits into the back of a Ute or Van.

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