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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is PicUP?

PicUp is an on-demand service that connects you to a fleet of haulers with utes and vans that are ready to remove your junk or transport your goods from A-B at the day & time slot of your choosing.

Q. Are there any items we do not PicUp?

Our haulers are set up to move anything that will fit into a normal ute or large van. They are equipped with moving blankets, tie-downs, ratchet straps and trollies that will ensure any junk or goods make their way to the tip or to your preferred destination. Haulers unfortunately cannot pick up any dangerous goods or extra large/heavy items such as pianos or pool tables. Generally speaking, if it can be safely lifted by either 1 or 2 people, then we can move it or remove it for you!

Q. What hours does PicUp operate?

We operate from Monday to Saturday 7am-5pm. Sorry no Sundays. If jobs are needed to be completed outside of these times, please contact the office on 1300 174 287 and our friendly customer service team will be happy to to see if we can assist.

Our customer service team is available Monday to Friday 8am-4pm.

Q. What happens if I am not at the PicUp location?

If it is waste & junk then leave it curbside, book the job and it will be removed for you as requested. Notifications will be sent to your phone letting you know when the task has been accepted and completed.

If it is a goods movement and the haulers need access to your property, then someone will need to be home at both or either end. If the goods are easily accessible, you can leave instructions for the hauler and contact him/her directly through the app to give specific details.

For store purchases, you can take a photo of the receipt and upload the photo to the job when booking it on the app. The hauler will be able to use the receipt to collect your item/s and deliver to your destination. We do suggest that you are at home when the hauler arrives so that you can ensure your goods are stored and secured within your property.

Q. Do haulers dispose of recyclables right away?

Our logo was designed green for a reason. The founders believe in protecting our environment and reducing landfill. Unlike traditional methods of waste & junk disposal such as skip bins, when disposing of waste & junk, all of our haulers will visit the recycling area of the transfer station to offload cardboard, metal and other useable items before heading into the tip.

If you have old furniture, clothes or other items you would like to donate to charity, we can deliver those for you. Book a goods movement job and our haulers will take your donations to the nominated charity.

Q. How much does a PicUp cost?

PicUp & Delivery

  • 1 Hauler- $1.40 per minute
  • 2 Haulers- $2.80 per minute

Waste & Junk Removal

  • 1 Hauler- $1.40 per minute + tip fees
  • 2 Haulers $2.80 per minute + tip fees

For more information on pricing, please click this link.

Q. Will PicUp haulers come into my house or yard?

We prefer to access goods, waste or junk from the front of a property or curbside. This makes it more affordable for you. If you need things moved from or into your house or apartment, we suggest that you have checked the items will fit through doorways, in lifts and that you have ordered a two person job to ensure larger items can be carried.

Q. Can I have multiple PicUps or Deliveries in 1 single job?

The app will only allow you to book one job from A-B. You can contact the hauler directly through the app and ask them to make a detour if you need an extra PicUp along the way. You can also add details of additional PicUps or Delivery locations in the notes section of the booking, or alternatively call our customer service team on 1300 174 287 and they will ensure everything is organised as requested. Remember your estimate is calculated on the time it takes to complete the PicUp process, so your final pricing may increase if you request additional PicUps or Deliveries.

Q. Can I get a lift with the hauler?

Our haulers have public liability insurance and comprehensive insurance for the goods transported. This does not include clients, so you will not be able to get a ride in your hauler’s vehicle.

Q. How do I know how many haulers I need?

If the item(s) can be safely lifted by 1 person or you (at your own risk) are willing to assist the hauler to load/unload the item(s) then select 1 hauler. If the item requires 2 people to safely lift and load/unload the item (s) and you are unable to assist the hauler, then select 2 haulers to complete your job.

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Fast. Convenient. Affordable.

We can get rid of or move anything that one or two people can safely lift and fits into the back of a Ute or Van.

Small Removals

Small Removals

If you need a couple of bulky items moved from A to B we have you covered.

For Businesses

For Businesses

Keep your commercial space or worksite waste free with no hassles.

Junk Removal

Junk Removal

Our haulers will get rid of a ute load of junk for you with a press of a button.

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We can get rid of or move anything that one or two people can safely lift and fits into the back of a Ute or Van.

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